Antique Persian Malayer Circa 1920

While small, the city of Malayer is important due to its location on the commerce routes and its ability to produce some of the most casual and beautiful rugs in the world. Malayer is located approximately 50 miles to the south-east of the city of Hamadan, Iran. The above rug is so old that it's almost paper thin. This is common for rugs of this type. As the rugs age they lose much of their surface pile, causing them to take on a look much like that of a kilim, making them highly desirable throughout the world. This type of rug is most sought in the southeastern United States. Malayer rugs are normally built on cotton foundations and are examples of true Herati designs. We have a large selection of Malayer rugs here at Heriz Fine Antique Persian Rugs in Augusta, GA. For more information about our selection of Mayaler rugs, give us a call at (706) 733-8616.


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