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Cleaning a handmade or Persian rug is much more complex than a regular rug. Your Persian rug should be cleaned by professionals who know how to preserve the fibers, color and integrity of the artwork. Trust Heriz Fine Antique Persian Rugs to clean and care for your rug.

Best Original Rug Cleaning in the CSRA!

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We clean your rugs on the premises. Whether Persian or handmade Indian, or even Kashan machine-made, we can handle them all. We value your time and will help you in any way possible to make your rug beautiful again.

Our Cleaning Process:

1. We remove dust and particles.
2. We fully inspect the rug.

3. We then determine the correct cleaning process based on that inspection.

        a. For example: The antique cleaning process is very unique compared to a handmade Chinese rug with very thick pile.

        b. Handmade rugs may be made using vegetable or synthetic dye. We have to use gentle shampoo and/or chemicals to clean this properly.

4. Some rugs must be washed after soaking for 12 hours in special chemicals. This is especially used for rugs with pet stains or odors.

5. We make every effort to make your rugs look brand new.

6.After they are cleaned, we place the rug in a special drying room located on-site that will dry the average rug in twelve hours.

Cleaning rugs requires a reputable rug shop that is trusted.

Visit us; we guarantee the best cleaning result or your money back!



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